EviBlog future plans

Published on November 24, 2010

EviBlog 2.0 update A lot has happened since I released the EviBlog module in november 2009. What started as a small eductional project quickly became one of the largest modules in the Shared Source repository. It became so large that I just didn't have enough time to build a newer version on my own.

So I am please to announce that I'm going to team up with Alistair Deneys (also an Sitecore MVP) and Nick Wesselman. The three of us are going to work together to build a brand new version of the module. At the moment we are testing the 1.6 release in which they both added enhancements and included new functionality. Hopefully we are able to release that version somewhere next week.

At the same time we are thinking of more enhancements and new functionality. So when you have any ideas about the future of this module please let us know. I have opened a thread on the Sitecore SDN forum where you can write down your ideas.

Personally I am very proud that we have three developers from Australia, the United States and the Netherlands all collaborating on one project. This is a nice example of how people from the community can build something for the community.