Three key improvements we made in SXA

Published on November 18, 2019

Two weeks ago the Sitecore Symposium 2019 in Orlando kicked of with the pre-conference seminars on Monday. The following three days were full of inspiring and entertaining sessions combined with some more social activities.

Once again I had the pleasure to present this symposium together with good friend and co-worker Adam Najmanowicz. As you might of guessed we presented on the most important (upcoming) changes in SXA 9.3 (yes 9.3 instead of 1.10. Version alignment with the platform is one of those changes).

We discusses the new search components that will be introduced with SXA 9.3:

  • The aggregated facet filter that allows you to pre-define a set of facets which will adapt to your search resuts.
  • Facet summary that will display a list of applied facets and allows visitors to remove them

After we presented a short demo of these new components we talked about the whole new frontend developer workflow that will be introduced. Starting with the new CLI (Command Line Interface) to create themes, followed by the reduced number of files stored in the media library. And finally all the options you now have to customize you Creative Exchange Live workflow.

Lastly we introduced the new integrated templating engine called Scriban. This is a new option you have when using rendering variants. Scriban is a extremely fast and very powerfull way of using templated HTML to define the presentation of components. In future blogposts I will discuss more on this.

Slide are now available

If you want to have a look at the slides we presented you can do so. The whole presentation is now published on

View Three key improvements we made in SXA on Notist.

Within our team we adopted as our way of publishing our slides. If you want to view the presentations from my co-workers that presented at Sitecore Symposium you can do so here.