Tonight I was catching up with some RSS Feeds and Twitter messages, when I noticed that SPN (Sitecore Partner Network) is renewed. My compliments to the people behind the renewal, it looks so much better and it’s easier to find the information you’re looking for. Next one is SDN perhaps? I know I would appreciate it, and I think there are more people who would like it.

When I was crawling through the content of SPN I saw the roadmap. Curious as I am I opened it to see if it was a different version than the the outdated one at the old SPN. I then saw that I it’s updated and has some real nice improvements.

Here are some

  • Sitecore Client RSS feeds
  • WebDav
  • MS Word Fieldtype
  • Webforms 2.0
  • LINQ data abstraction
  • Re-factored publishing engine
  • Advanced clustering of any number of Production CMS Servers

Take a look at the roadmap, you will find more information there.


Senior Technical Evangelist with the Technical Marketing team at Sitecore. Working closely with product development and product management to help customers, partners and the developers unlock the full potential of Sitecore.

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  1. SDN update would indeed be lovely, the new search engine has been a big help but I still find myself lost as to which snippit, article or cookbook some critical bit of info is hidden in.

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