Today Sitecore released version 6.2. According to the change log their are several new (cool) features.

  • Sitecore client RSS feeds for items in workflows
  • Built-in support for syndicating items using the RSS format.
  • WebDAV support in the media library
  • A new File Drop Area field type has been introduced
  • A new Word Field has been introduced!
  • Analytics Oracle support
  • Improved IIS7 support
  • Sitecore’s theme icons are now stored in zip-files.
  • Sitecore is now distributed with a number of icons that are having a Windows 7-look instead of an XP-look.

Besides that their are many improvements and fixes.

Go check it out! I’m installing it right now and gonna have a a look.


Senior Technical Evangelist with the Technical Marketing team at Sitecore. Working closely with product development and product management to help customers, partners and the developers unlock the full potential of Sitecore.

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  1. Once I came over to Sitecore released version 6.2! | I can only see part of it, is this my internet internet browser or the internet website? Should I reboot? Cheers Jameson Dunn

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