Sitecore released version 6.2!

Published on October 21, 2009

Today Sitecore released version 6.2. According to the change log their are several new (cool) features.

  • Sitecore client RSS feeds for items in workflows
  • Built-in support for syndicating items using the RSS format.
  • WebDAV support in the media library
  • A new File Drop Area field type has been introduced
  • A new Word Field has been introduced!
  • Analytics Oracle support
  • Improved IIS7 support
  • Sitecore's theme icons are now stored in zip-files.
  • Sitecore is now distributed with a number of icons that are having a Windows 7-look instead of an XP-look.

Besides that their are many improvements and fixes.

Go check it out! I'm installing it right now and gonna have a a look.