Daily Tip: Support Package Generator

Published on November 5, 2012

You might recognize this scenario. During your project you encounter some problem and you need the help of Sitecore Support. You create a new ticket and then you need to wait until their first reply. If you only wrote down you issue and didn't provide any log files, the first reply will probably be to provide those log files. Of course these log files are necessary (especially when your ticket isn't a know issue) to investigate your problem.

To speed things up it's important that you provide the support department with as many information as possible. You could just include the Sitecore log files, but there are more files that might be relevant to solve your issue.

For that purpose Sitecore has created a little but very usefull application. It's called the "Support Package Generator". What is does is collecting all files that might come in handy for the support engineers.

[](https://markvanaalst.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Support-Package-Generator-Generate-Package.png" />

It collects files from you Sitecore instance but also some local files:

  • Application pool
  • Web.config file
  • /App_config folder content
  • Sitecore and IIS logs
  • Windows event logs
  • Performance counters
  • /bin directory listing
  • .NET framework files — required for working with process memory dumps

The tool will collect all the files you choose and stores it in a ZIP file, which you can attach to your ticket. This will improve the time it will take to resolve your issue.

You can download the Support Package Generator from SDN.