Copy & Paste Layout Settings

Published on May 13, 2008

While developing a Sitecore website there are lots of situations where you want multiple items to have the same Presentation Settings (renderings/sublayouts/layout). The ideal case is that your item Masters have these settings included but sometimes this isn't the case.

You can copy and paste the settings all at one time this way:

1. Navigate to the source item in the Content Editor (or Template Manager)

2. On the 'View' Ribbon (Menu tab on top of the screen) select Standard Fields and Raw Values

3. Copy the (raw) Renderings field value (in the layout section of the content of the item)

4. Paste it into the destination item Renderings Field.

5. Disable Raw values and standard fields if necessary.

There also is a (unsupported) Sitecore Module for this action. Check it out Layout copy pastehere.