10 reasons to go to Sitecore Symposium

Published on July 27, 2012

What is Sitecore Symposium?

Sitecore Symposium (former Dreamcore) is a three day conference for Sitecore developers, partners and customers. There are three kinds of sessions; developer, product and business tracks.

Here are 10 reasons why you should go to Sitecore Symposium:

  1. Get the latest news on Sitecore and all of it's related products
  2. A chance to meet fellow developers and marketeers and share knowledge, experiences and have discussions
  3. See and learn from customers on how they are using Sitecore
  4. Speed up your daily Sitecore development by getting tips and tricks
  5. Learn more on our recently releases products like MVC, Mobile Framework and Social Connect.
  6. Get insight in the latest version of the roadmap
  7. See how you can use the Digital Marketing System (DMS) to it's full potential
  8. A chance to ask direct questions to the Sitecore founders and other employees from around the world
  9. Learm more from Michael Seifert's keynote about Sitecore's vision on the web
  10. Get to know other people in a other settings during the evening entertainment

You can register for your region clicking the link below