Whenever I use Google to search for Sitecore information I get a lot of marketing and CMS review results and a few results with detailed developer information. So I created a Google custom search engine to search through all Sitecore related blogs. Now I can search through sites I think are the most usefull for me as an developer.

I use it a lot and thought I might be usefull to share this the rest of the community. So I created a little ASP.Net application around it which makes use of the Google Custom Search API. Now it is possible for everyone to submit an url of which they think it’s usefull. I allready included all blogs which are used in the Yahoo Pipe. I hope that this search engine will be very usefull for everyone. I am planning on creating an search provider for both Internet Explorer and Firefox in the near future.

You can find the custom search engine at: http://www.sitecoreblogsearch.com

And off course you can use the comments to let me know what you think of the custom search.


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  1. Great idea, Mark.

    I recently blogged (http://www.cyber-reflections.net/wordpress/wp-trackback.php?p=472) about using Twitter search to gauge the buzz around keywords. The great thing is that you can subscribe to Twitter search via RSS – I’ve added a number of CMS related terms, including Sitecore to my Google Reader.

    It’s helped me find a number of active Sitecore users, as well as gauging sentiment around other content management systems. Check it out.

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