When working with item buckets in Sitecore 7 there are a few keyboard shortcuts that might come in handy.

Here is a list:

Shortcut Description
CTRL + SHIFT + B Converts a content item into an item bucket. You must lock the item first.
CTRL + SHIFT + D Converts an item bucket into a content item. You must lock the item first.
CTRL + X Clears the text box.
CTRL + SHIFT + S Opens a new search tab on the selected content item. This shortcut does not convert the item into an item bucket.
CTRL + SHIFT + A Selects the closest item bucket ancestor of the current item and adds a search tab to it.
Space Bar Scrolls down the results when the search box is not selected.
CTRL + Space Bar Displays the dropdown options when the search box is selected.
ESC This hides the drop-down list if it is shown.
CTRL + B Shifts the focus to the text box if it is outside the textbox.
SHIFT + Number Runs the search in a particular view. 1 will run the first, 2, the second, and so on.
1-9 The numeric characters move focus to the corresponding page of the search results.

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