Today Sitecore released version 6.2. According to the change log their are several new (cool) features. Sitecore client RSS feeds for items in workflows Built-in support for syndicating items using the RSS format. WebDAV support in the media library A new File Drop Area field type has been introduced A new Word Field has been introduced! Analytics Oracle support Improved IIS7 support Sitecore’s theme icons are now stored in zip-files. Sitecore is now distributed with…

I just noticed that Sitecore has greatly improved their search on SDN. You can now search through SDN, the shared source and Sitecore blogs.You even can filter your results by sdn sections, collections and datatypes. Only minor is that I can’t find a list of blogs they included in the search, so for that I will use my own search.

As you might have noticed Sitecore announced the list of this years MVP’s. And I am proud to say that I am one of the thirteen MVP’s worldwide. I would like to congratulate Alistair Deneys, Christopher Wojciech, Julius Ganns, Justin Sjouw, Klaus Petersen, Mark Cassidy, Thomas Eldblom, Eric Briand, Andy Uzick, Glen McInnis, Alexander Pfandt and Ben Golden for also becoming an Sitecore MVP. Related blog posts: Sitecore MVP – Most Valueable Professionals 2008 It’s…

Last week I had some problems with an Sitecore Query. It didn’t show more than an fixed number of items. After some hard thinking I rembered that there is a web.config key called Query.MaxItem which, you might guessed it, controls the maximum number of results of an Sitecore Query.